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Travel | Help NYC & The Standard- Highline

Anyone who knows me can vouch for the fact that I love NYC. I've been 3 times in the last year, and it's my go-to destination when I vacation (I plan to visit in February). With the recent Hurricane Sandy crisis, I wanted to bring forth various ways to provide relief to those affected by the super storm. As well, I want to highlight the UrbanSpace Meatpacking Market which I visited after the Nomia show at The Standard, High Line NYC hotel.

Below are resources for ways you can volunteer your time; donate supplies, food, clothing, money, or blood; and shop for the cause!
Alexa of A Life in the Fashion Lane had picked up a Pamela Barsky printed canvas bag and I wanted one as well, so while she was finishing up an interview post-Nomia show, I perused the shops of the UrbanSpace Meatpacking market (conveniently located in front of The Standard Hotel). I found Pamela Barksy's booth and purchased 2 bags, 'Fashion is my Boyfriend' and 'I Always try to leave a place still wanting to see more'! While making my way back to the subway, we stopped by the Chelsea Market; awakening my hunger with the numerous bakeries, delectable bites, fresh seafood...I NEED to come back here and just eat my way from beginning to end. The clock below caught my eye as I trekked through the market; I was intrigued by the bold face juxtaposed in front of a broken through archway of brick wall. I felt like Alice in Wonderland stepping through passageways!
This was taken on September 11th, I snapped the 'Tribute in Light' while crossing an  intersection somewhere on 14th street.


  1. This truly is a fantastic post. Thanks so much for getting those links together and posting your beautiful pictures of New York.

    1. my pleasure!! Thanks for leaving a sweet comment!!

  2. This city is so special! Aleady talked to my friends there and eveybody tries to help those who were hit by the strom and lost everything! My herad is with all!!


  3. You are a darling with a big heart, love this post and all prayers to NYC right now.

    Couture Caddy x

    1. thaaaanks!! It's so crazy how one event can change everything!

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