Using ZOLA for Your Wedding Planning & Registry Needs


Are you engaged and wedding planning? I found the perfect site for you to assist in the wedding registry of your planning process. From my experience since booking our venue last September there have been numerous hoops to jump through and unexpected issues to figure out; all contributing to our planning chaos. Thankfully the wedding registry website ZOLA came into my life in the nick of time. While I was creating my wedding website, I was looking for a registry site that offered cash/monetary fund registries since Scott and I are not looking to register for gifts. I was also looking for a site that could sync to my squarespace site, and ZOLA did just that. Now I have a page on my website that displays a widget containing my ZOLA registry, see it here

ZOLA isn't just a wedding registry site, but also provides other useful (and customizable) tools such as a wedding website builder, guest list management, checklists and other helpful resources - and it's all free to use! As much as it would be fun to go around a store (or multiple stores) with a scanner, scanning away at homeware and goods; I especially like the convenience and ease of use with ZOLA's registry options. Couples can register for over 50,000 gifts, experiences and cash funds from over 500 top brands! 

ZOLA allows you to create a customized registry site that is effortless for your friends and family to use; and it reflects my, I mean, our style (you can make the registry site unique to your wedding style, etc). I'm finally done with booking all my vendors and now it's down to the nitty gritty details of the wedding such as invitations, linen colors, tablescape design and other decor elements; but I can tell you that since I started using ZOLA, an immense amount of stress has been lifted. I also can't wait to use the guest list management tool to get addresses, manage RSVPs and communicate with guests - I know that those tools will be extremely helpful to Scott and I. You can experience the wedding wonders of ZOLA, and with an extra perk; sign up for a ZOLA account and you will receive $50 credit when you receive $500 in gifts...sign up here!

Amanda of Feast.Fashion.Faves was given a ZOLA credit in exchange composing and publishing this blog post, all opinions expressed are of her own and Amanda was using the ZOLA site prior to collaborating with the company. The blog post contains trackable links for analytical purposes.