the bridal party




Jen and Amanda have known each other since freshman year of high school - they actually met in line while waiting for orientation packets. Although Jen later attended college in San Fran, upon graduating, she moved back down to LA, then home to OC where she and Amanda became closer. They both enjoy attending blogger/influencer events together and also own a handcrafted accessories company called Whim Things. They share a love for good food, shopping and travel - having visited Seoul, Korea and Hong Kong together. Jen also got Amanda hooked on Korean skincare and beauty products. Jen currently resides in LA and is beauty blogger for Jen Hayden Leeand creative recruiter for Aquent. 



Angel and Amanda met in French class during high school, and Angel was a big supporter of Amanda's dance career, attending many of her performances. Amanda and Angel both used to work at Hollister but maybe only worked 1 shift together. Angel currently splits her time between China and California, and also has a natural personal care line, (N)attitude, with her husband. Her daughter Olivia is the flower girl and her son is the ring bearer. Angel even witnessed the beginning courtship between Amanda and Scott. Scott had just left for the U.K. and Amanda for Las Vegas with Angel and her family, so they heavily "facetimed" each other and Angel thought it was entertaining watching Amanda try to make herself "look good" for Scott. 



Michelle and Amanda attended high school together. Amanda always admired Michelle for her edgy style, taste in music and fun attitude. She distinctly remembered visited Michelle's home and being in awe of her punk/alternative rock cd collection. They had yearbook class together where they got to know each other better and work on two issues. They attended the same college, UCI, but became closer post college when everyone would get together for mutual friends' birthdays or special occasions. Amanda is also in Michelle's bridal party for her upcoming wedding in July. Michelle resides in LA with her fiancé and works in social services. Michelle is also a fantastic photographer and looking to get back into practicing her craft again soon.



Amanda and Kaisa met while riding the school bus from the Irvine Spectrum Center to their high school. Kaisa always had the most adventurous stories to tell, and Amanda always thought she was this blonde surfer goddess from Laguna Beach. Both got closer after college when everyone would get together to celebrate birthdays and holidays. Amanda was especially thrilled to get to travel to Carmel, CA to see Kaisa marry her best friend Brian. They now reside in South OC with their two cats and are expecting their first baby, a daughter! I couldn't be more excited and over the moon for this next stage in her (and her husband's) lives. Amanda praises Kaisa for her cooking skills (she makes a mean zucchini spaghetti and bean/yam burger). 



Jacquii is from Sydney, Australia and first met Amanda virtually through blogging. Then they happen to be attending New York Fashion Week during the same season so they made plans to meet up. When they first met, it felt as if they had knew each other for years - since then they have been inseparable (as much as possible). Both Jacquii and Amanda are obsessed with Disney, and even met in Orlando, FL to embark on a Walt Disney World adventure for the weekend. Jacquii studied abroad in the states during college and whenever she comes to visit her college friends now, she typically plans an extended layover in CA so that she can stay near and go to Disneyland. Amanda started 'staycationing' with Jacquii whenever she would come visit. Jacquii is the ultimate jetsetter and continues to write for various publications as well as her own blog Couture Caddy



Kelly is Scott's younger sister. Amanda gets along well with Kelly because they can team up and tease Scott about all sorts of things. Kelly also digs up the best childhood photos of Scott (which is amusing). She is one of the hardest working and determined people that Amanda knows. Kelly is currently finishing up her master's degree in Nursing and works as a R.N. at Saddleback Memorial - she'll be graduating in June 2018. She loves the Anaheim Ducks hockey team and is quite the beer enthusiast (she knows all the best breweries to visit for tastings). Amanda is extremely excited to gain a sister and continuing to gang up on Scott with Kelly. 



Amanda actually met Trang through a high school ex-boyfriend. They later became closer and good friends as they attended the same college, UCI. Trang and Amanda bonded over their love for yummy food, photographing pretty places and thrift shopping. They've even traveled to NYC together. Trang currently resides in LA and works for Trader Joes as a buyer. Amanda used to love coming over to Trang's house during college, as Trang always had the best Trade Joes groceries and was (well still is)  a hell of a cook. One of Amanda's favorites dishes that Trang has made is a Thai soup dish, Khao Soi. They also enjoy going to beach and on hikes together. 


olivia + Lila | Flowergirls

Olivia is Angel's 6 year old daughter (but somehow manages to have the maturity and logic of an adult at times). Amanda has loved and cherished this little girl since the day she was born and it means so much that she will be apart of the wedding as a flower girl - she has already been practicing her walk and flower tossing down the aisle. Olivia has the biggest imagination and always seems to make the world feel like a better place when you're with her. 

Dearest Lila is Scott's Best Man Jason's soon to be 3-year-old. She has the biggest heart and she makes your own heart melt at first sight. She is adorable, fun and sassy; bringing so much joy to everyone's lives. Amanda can't wait to have Lila be apart of the wedding as a flower girl. 

the groom's party


Ryan T | Best Man


Scotty | Groomsman


Jason | Best Man


Brendan | Groomsman

Brendan is Amanda's younger brother. He expressed to Amanda that he actually never took a liking to any of Amanda's boyfriends until he met and got to know Scott. Although Scott and Brendan may not have many things in common, Scott can at least have a good conversation and engage with Brendan. He is thrilled to have Brendan in the wedding and also gain a brother. 


Derek | Groomsman


Kurt | Groomsman





This little handsome man is the newest addition to Angel's family. When he was an infant, Amanda would refer to him as a dinosaur because of the many sounds resembling the prehistoric creatures.